Run a Social Action Audit

Imagine the impact churches in your community could make if you were working more closely.

A Cinnamon Social Action Audit is the catalyst that can unite faith groups, councils, businesses and others to serve your community more effectively.

An Audit will help you quantify the social and economic impact of community work being done by churches in your area.  You’ll see the impact you are making; where projects are overlapping; gaps in provision; and opportunities for partnerships. 

Gain Authority

The Audit will give you evidence to demonstrate the impact of church-led initiatives. You’ll be able to speak with authority to  help you work more strategically with others. 

Quantify Your Impact

Don’t just tell others you’re doing great things – show them. Numbers are powerful and Social Action Audit will give you easily digestible figures that will spark interest and conversations. 

Creates Access

Having great quantitative evidence will open doors, opportunities, and referral pathways. You’ll have evidence to give to local authorities, businesses, and other potential partners. 

Grow Confidence

As you see evidence of the impact you’re making, it will boost confidence in the work of local churches and help to raise awareness of, and encourage participation in your projects.

Build Relationships

A Social Action Audit unites a range of groups  with a clear vision to serve their communities. Differences are put aside and relationships are formed as you focus on a common goal.

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Find out what’s involved in running a Social Action Audit and how it can transform work in your town, borough, city, or region.


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Our 2015-15 National Audit was widely regarded as the most significant measure of faith-based social action to date.

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