Religion and Worldviews Approach to RE Toolkit


This toolkit is the outcome of a three-year project on behalf of the RE Council.  Primarily aimed at curriculum writers, it consists of a handbook, three exemplar frameworks, and their accompanying resources. Included is the National Content Standard for RE in England, and additional reading.

The project has been carried out by RE Today, three framework teams, and the RE Council.  It has been supported by Templeton World Charitable Foundation and Westhill Endowment Trust.

Toolkit Contents

  1. Developing a Religion and Worldviews Approach in Religious Education in EnglandA Handbook for Curriculum Writers (Download)
    The handbook has four sections.  Section A, is intended to give an overview of the RW approach, and its key features, including the National Statement of Entitlement.  It is for those interested in the approach such as head teachers, governors, SACREs, teachers, parents, and pupils. It is available for separate download.
    Section A – Overview (Download)
  2. The Three Frameworks: Religion and Worldviews Project (section D)These exemplar frameworks are not designed as templates, but reflect specific contexts, exemplifying a process that other ASCs, MATs, or schools might follow when developing a curriculum.
    1. Teacher-led Framework
    2. Coventry and Warwickshire SACRE/Diocese-led Framework
    3. Multi-Academy Trust Framework (Coming Soon)
  3. Resources
    1. Teacher-Led Framework Resources
    2. Coventry and Warwickshire SACRE Framework Resources
    3. Multi-Academy Trust Framework Resources (Coming Soon)
  4. National Content Standard for RE in EnglandThe National Content Standard for RE in England has been developed in line with the National Statement of Entitlement included in the handbook.  It has received recommendations from a range of organisations and Academy Trusts.
  5. Additional Reading
    1. CoRE Progress and Vision – 2022
    2. Bibliography – Religion and Worldviews – 2021
    3. Discussion Papers – The Worldview Project – 2020
    4. Literature Review – Worldview, A Multidisciplinary Report – 2020
    5. CoRE Report 2018
    6. Religion and Worldviews Education – Resources Page

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