Care and Support Reimagined: a National Care Covenant for England

Developing a radical and inspiring vision, drawing on Christian theology and tradition, that reimagines care and support.

In a new report published on 24th January 2023, the Archbishops’ Commission on Reimagining Care calls for a National Care Covenant. This would set out the responsibilities of everyone involved in care and support: individuals, families, communities and local and national government.

From the foreword to the report by Archbishop Justin and Archbishop Stephen:

“At the heart of this report is a deeply Christian understanding of what it looks like to live together in community, with people caring for and supporting one another in relationships characterised by mutuality and interdependence.

“The Commission offers a vision of one-another care, where we have a better sense of what we should do for each other in our communities and neighbourhoods, find agreement about different responsibilities lie, and build long-term networks and associations that will allow people to flourish. The development of a National Care Covenant is the beginning of a wider process in which we seek to realise this vision.”

The report – Care and Support Reimagined: a National Care Covenant for England – is now available to download.

The Commission has three big ideas to realise a new vision for care and support:

  1. Rethinking attitudes to care and support
  2. Rebalancing roles and responsibilities
  3. Redesigning the social care system.
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