Ready for the New “Normal”: A Discussion Paper


A paper from the United Reformed Church which will be of interest to other churches

When the lockdown starts to ease, what MUST resume, what SHOULDN’T and what might we do differently? Making a plan now to carry us past lockdown into a healthy future.


Part 1 A Road Map for Reflection: where we are how we travel forward
  • Grief and hope
Part 2 Resuming Activities in Shared Physical Space: questions to help with planning
Whilst the lockdown phase continues:
  • Who makes the decision to re-open? 
  • Who should come to church? 
  • Planning the use of space 
  • Dealing with trauma 
Getting the building ready to start up using it for cancelled activities again.
Adapting what we do to ensure social distancing for the months to come:
  • Worship in the premises 
  • Resuming lettings and church activities 
  • Church meetings 
  • Finances
Part 3 Taking stock, reviewing principles, doing things differently
What’s the ‘new normal’ for us?
  • Using the building 
  • Worship 
  • Community engagement 
  • Pastoral care 
  • Meetings 
  • Managing external users
Different points of the journey

Different people will need to consider the questions posed here at different points. 

  • Some relate most closely to the Minister/Elder in Local Leadership (ELL)
  • Some questions relate to the functions of the Elders’ Meeting (which includes your Minister/ELL)
  • Some need the involvement of the whole Church Meeting

This is a shared exploration with other churches in the URC and with ecumenical partners. Remember that you are not alone in this. Your Synod Officers are available to help you.

The full document takes you through these parts of the journey step by step. 

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