Proposed Devolution Deal for Cornwall

There could be a new Devolution Deal for Cornwall. The proposed deal would bring more money to spend on homes, transport, our environment and protecting the Cornish language. The government has said to have the deal we have to change how Cornwall Council is governed. We have to change from a Leader to an elected Mayor.

Cornwall Council want to know what people think about the proposed deal and required change in how the council is governed or led.

We are making information available as widely as possible, to help everyone in making an informed decision about the content of the proposed deal, and required change in governance.

You can have your say on the proposed Cornwall Devolution Deal on the Let’s talk Cornwall site here:

The consultation is open until midnight on Friday 17 February 2023.

Please see links to more information below:

  • You can read our news release on our website here
  • You can view and share our social media posts using these links: Facebook and Twitter
  • We are making information bookmarks available for our own and devolved libraries, and our mobile libraries.

Resources available for download:

We can provide paper copies of the consultation survey questionnaires on request, for people who need it, by email to: or by phone: 0300 1231 118.

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