Prayers of Thanksgiving for Her Majesy Queen Elizabeth II

A Prayer in Thanksgiving for Her Majesty The Queen from the Church of England

He shall stand and feed his flock in the strength of the Lord,
   in the majesty of the name of the Lord his God. (Micah 5.4)

Majestic God,
whose throne is in heaven,
whose footstool is the earth;
we thank you for your servant, Elizabeth,
your faithful servant,
our beloved Queen.
As we mourn her passing
we give thanks for her witness
of devoted service,
unfailing wisdom,
compassionate generosity,
and faithful dedication
and pray that we may embrace her values
and build your kingdom
today and always.

Prayer from the Baptist Union

Gracious God,
We thank you for the life of your servant Elizabeth;
for her faithfulness to your gospel
through her words, example and humble service.
We remember with gratitude her gentle diplomacy,
her wise leadership and guidance in a changing world,
and the glimpses into her sense of humour.
She has been a gracious and godly Queen,
and so we commend her back to you:
May she rest in peace and rise in glory.
We pray too for the Royal Family
as they grieve over the loss of a mother, grandmother, great grandmother,
especially for Charles as he becomes King,
and we lift up to you all in this country and across the commonwealth
in this time of national mourning and change.
Bless us with your peace, we pray,
today and always,

Prayer from the United Reformed Church

O God, our rock and our redeemer,
we come to worship you
and to give thanks for your servant Elizabeth.

We thank you for her long life
and her dedicated service to commonwealth and nations.

We thank you for what she has meant
to each one of us…

We treasure memories
of meeting her ….
of celebrating and marking moments in her life,
of the opening of parliament,
of her presence at significant times in our history,
and of her speaking to us on radio and television.

We rejoice that she lived and shared
the faith we hold
and that she followed her vocation,
hearing a call to serve.

We pray for those who will miss her most deeply,
that they may find comfort and hope.

We celebrate and affirm our faith
that death is defeated,
that new life awaits your children,
and that creation is renewed in Christ.

We pray for our nations at a time of change
and for our new King.
May he follow his mother in faithful service
and may your blessing rest on him.

We pray too for our elected representatives in parliament,
for our public servants
and for all citizens, of all faiths and none.

And, in this day and time, we pray,
as we are always glad to pray,
may your Kingdom come. Amen.

A prayer on the death of Her Majesty the Queen from the Methodist Church

Creator God,
We give thanks for the life of Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
We honour her life of service built on a firm foundation of faith and an exemplary commitment to duty.
Comfort those who mourn and bring peace to those in distress.
We offer our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

CAFOD offers remembrance prayers for Her Majesty The Queen

A remembrance prayer

God of our longing,
hear our prayers
protect our dreams,
and listen to our silent hopes.

Deal gently with our pain,
speak to our sadness,
and remove the barriers 
that imprison our spirit.

Shed your light
where shadows are cast,
that we may feel your warmth
and know your presence.

Give us courage 
to hold fast to our vision
that we may build our world
and create our future.


Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD

A prayer for The Queen’s family

Bless those who mourn, eternal God,
with the comfort of your love
that they may face each new day with hope
and the certainty that nothing can destroy
the good that has been given.
May their memories become joyful,
their days enriched with friendship,
and their lives encircled by your love.


Vienna Cobb Anderson, from Prayers of Our Hearts (1991, Crossroad Publishing Co.)

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