Podcast to Help End Poverty

Church Action on Poverty’s Cast To End Poverty brings stories and insights from across the UK, from people helping to create a more just and compassionate society

We work with some wonderful people and projects, who are making a huge difference in their communities, helping to loosen poverty’s grip and challenging unjust systems.

We always want to share these stories, and are always keen to find new ways to do so. That’s why we’ve launched our podcast: the Cast To End Poverty.

In each episode, we will hear new stories and perspectives from across the movement to end poverty. Very often, we’ll hear directly from people with personal experiences of UK poverty, learning what exacerbates poverty and what can unlock it. And we’ll frequently highlight steps you can take, to help to create a more just and compassionate society.

Seven episodes are now online, and you can subscribe through your regular podcast platform:

An unjust burden We hear first-hand how covid-related debt has swept one family into deep difficulties, and learn about the Reset The Debt campaign, which calls for Government action. Learn more at www.resetthedebt.uk. December 23, 2020

Football, ballet, stigma and stereotypes Ben Pearson is joined by Ellis Howard and Tia Clarke, to discuss recent comments in Parliament, regional similarities and inequalities, and the damage done by sweeping generalisations. November 22, 2020

Making yourself heeded, not just heard Tracey and Dylan from Thrive Teesside talk about their new book, and why communities need to not only speak up, but to have their views taken up. Learn more at thrive-teesside.org.uk. November 13, 2020

Unity and friendship in one of the UK’s food deserts We hear how the Your Local Pantry network has responded to the coronavirus pandemic. Communities and volunteers have pulled together, and we hear heartening stories of love, unity and neighbourly kindness. To learn more about the projects or to find your closest one, or to become a supporter, visit www.yourlocalpantry.co.uk. August 6, 2020

A fantastic outpouring of goodwill Four people in York tell how they and their communities have responded to the coronavirus outbreak. Contributors are Sydnie Corley, Mary Passeri, Tony Carson and Nicky Gladstone. They tell of an outpouring of kindness and goodwill, and strong collaboration between projects around the city, and wonder: how can we keep that solidarity going? June 23, 2020

You’re not alone: Carlie’s story Charlotte Killeya from the Parson Cross Initiative in Sheffield talks about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on their work and community, and introduces two local people: Carlie is a single mum, who helped set up the Autism Hope group, while Michelle works in a local school and with local families. May 29, 2020

A call for extraordinary steps and bold ideals Niall Cooper, director of Church Action on Poverty, looks at the implications of the coronavirus outbreak for people on low incomes. In conversation with Hannah Lambie-Mumford from the University of Sheffield, he looks at the economic and social impact of the outbreak, and suggests extraordinary measures and bold goals that can help as we look to the future. May 11, 2020

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