Pilot for family members to get regular testing for safer care home visits


Named family and friends may soon be able to regularly visit loved ones in care homes as a new testing pilot is launched.

Published 14 November 2020 From: Department of Health and Social Care

  • Care homes across Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon will pioneer the new system which will see a designated visitor given access to tests
  • Around 20 care homes will be included in the trial before a wider roll-out in December

Family members or friends of those living in care homes will be given regular testing to reunite them with their loved ones in care homes as a new pilot launches on Monday (16 November 2020).

The pilot is taking place in around 20 care homes across Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon from Monday and will be rolled out more widely in December in time for Christmas.

Regular testing will be offered to one family member or friend per resident, which – when combined with other infection-control measures such as PPE – will support meaningful visits. These will enable, where possible, indoor visits without a screen to take place while reducing the risk to care home residents, staff and visitors.

Visitors will be offered either PCR tests which they can do at home, or the new 30-minute rapid lateral flow tests (LFTs), which can be administered in person at care homes before a visit.

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