Pause for Prayer : Sep 23

27 Sep 2023

We pray for the thousands of ethnic Armenians currently fleeing Nagorno Karabakh following last week’s Azerbaijani military takeover. We pray for their safety and welfare as they seek refuge in Armenia, and we pray for peace in the whole region.

GMC prayer room

20 Sep 2023

A Prayer for Peace (Peace Sunday is 24 Sep)

Lord, we pray for the power to be gentle,
the strength to be forgiving,
the patience to be understanding,
and the endurance to accept the consequences
of holding to what we believe to be right.
May we put our trust in the power of good to overcome evil
and the power of love to overcome hatred.
We pray for the vision to see and the faith to believe
in a world emancipated from violence.
Help us to devote our whole life, thought and energy
to the task of making peace,
praying always for the inspiration and the power
to fulfill the destiny for which we were created.

— from the Week of Prayer for World Peace, 1978

13 Sep 2023

Prayers for Morocco and Libya

We are shocked and saddened by the reports of the powerful earthquake in Morocco, last Friday. As the death toll continues to rise, we pray for local people awaiting aid, the first responders, and the churches on the frontlines of this terrible disaster. We pray in faith knowing that God hears our cries 🙏🇲🇦
We are praying for the people of Libya after Storm Daniel caused widespread devastation. Our thoughts are with all affected.

06 Sep 2023

based on words from Tony Horsfall’s Working from a Place of Rest

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