Pause for Prayer : Sep 2022

28 Sep 2022

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry shares his prayer for peace


21 Sep 2022

Pader an Arleth – The Lord’s Prayer
sung in Cornish by Truro Cathedral Choir

Music composed by Russell Pascoe. The words are a Cornish translation of The Lord’s Prayer made in 1992 by Richard Gendall


14 Sep 2022

Christian Aid

07 Sep 2022

Thanksgiving for the Earth
Remember the fruits of the earth, for sowing and for harvest.
Remember the dew of the air.
Remember the downcoming of the rains and the waters and the rivers.
Remember the plants and the blooms of every year.
Remember the safety of humans and of animals and of me, your sinful servant. 
For the rain, the wind of the sky, seed, plants, the fruit of the trees and also the vineyards, and 
for every tree in the entire world, 
We are grateful

For the Holy Trinity who brings us to perfection in safety and peace, forgives us our sins, brings us up according to their measure that we may grow and prosper through your grace,
who makes the face of the earth to rejoice, waters her furrows, lets her grain be abundantly multiplied and makes ready her seed-time and harvest,
We give You thanks

(adapted from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Pre-Anaphora, and Anaphora of Basil; and taken from the Celebration Guide for the Season of Creation)
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