Pause for Prayer : Oct 2022

26 Oct 2022

Compassionate God,
as the nations are shaken,
raise up champions of goodness, peace and love
who will be your hands and feet,
your eyes and ears,
your words and your wisdom,
in the heart of our darkness.
Lord, we believe you are with us.

A prayer written by Martyn Payne for the BRF prayer diary

19 Oct 2022

In a world vibrating with action
We come here to be still.
In a world of tight schedules and deadlines
We have come to absorb the present.
In a world of limits and frustrations
We have come to the brink of eternity. At the still point of a churning world
We wait to meet the unchanging God and know his peace.
(From our friends at the Iona Community:

12 Oct 2022

Heavenly Father,
We give thanks that everyone is precious in your sight.
May we see what is often hidden in plain sight.
Inspire and enable us to reflect your compassion towards those who are suffering,
restoring hope and refashioning society through your grace. Amen

The Clewer Initiative


05 Oct 2022

Lord God,
your creation is groaning
and it seems everyone is deaf.
Our world is on fire,
and it feels like no one cares.
Our dreams are being stolen,
and all we have is empty words.
And yet because of your love,
none of us is ever too small to make a difference.
So may we wake up before it’s too late
and rediscover our first great commission,
to work together and care for this earth.
A prayer written by Martyn Payne: Bible Reading Fellowship

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