Pause for Prayer : November 23

29 Nov 2023

A Prayer for World Aids Day (1 Dec)


22 Nov 2023

A Prayer for Red Wednesday

15 Nov 2023

A Prayer for Safeguarding Sunday – 19 Nov 2023

Dear God,
Help us to be a church that:
Loves, welcomes, protects.
Listens, learns, serves.
Repents, restores, transforms.
Values, cares, believes.
God of Justice and compassion, hear our prayer.
Help us, heal us, guide us, we pray.
In Jesus name.


08 Nov 2023

Prayer in a time of hopelessness

We entrust to you, eternal God,
those times when we can see only shadows and lose sight of the
hope to come;
the times when suffering seems so senseless,
life so fragile, war so unstoppable and death so permanent.
Bless us with the assurance that you are in all things,
the tragic and the beautiful,
the nightmare and the dream,
the light and the darkness.
This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ,
the peace of the world, today, tomorrow and forever.

Remembrance Resource for the Methodist Church, November 2023

01 Nov 2023

‘Prayer is at its heart reminding ourselves every single day that God made us, God loves us and God is with us. Everything else flows from these eternal truths.’ So writes Martyn Payne in The BRF Book of 100 Prayers, just before this prayer:
Father God, when the news is bleak, steady us;
when the pain is bitter, surround us;
when the days blur, sustain us;
when despair burdens, still us.
In our weakness, make us strong;
in our lowness, lift us up,
confident that our Redeemer
ever lives and prays for us
and will never let us go.
Pray not for Arab or Jew,
for Palestinian or Israeli,
but pray rather for ourselves,
that we might not
divide them in our prayers
but keep them both together
in our hearts.

(prayer from the ecumenical prayer vigil for peace in Gaza)

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