Pause for Prayer : Jul 2023

26 Jul 2023

A prayer written by Martyn Payne, BRF:
God of grace,
surprise us in the ordinary of every day;
console us in the dilemmas we face;
inspire us when we don’t know what to do;
encourage us in the depths of our being,
that we might taste afresh the joy of eternal life,
in the here and now.

19 Jul 2023

A prayer following the passing of the Illegal Migration Act

God of power and light
Today we cry out for those trafficked and enslaved.
Come with your justice,
Come with your righteousness
and set your children free.
May your compassion and mercy
guide those who govern,
your wisdom and boldness
fill all who seek to lead.
And may we, who love you, be stirred into action
to seek your Kingdom,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
The Salvation Army

12 Jul 2023

A Prayer for Standing Together Sunday (16 July)

Standing Together Sunday is an opportunity for churches across Britain and Ireland to unite in prayer and lament, and to stand against the increasing levels of serious youth violence.

Loving God, we stand together in seeking You today.
We commit ourselves to being people who will stand for truth, fairness and justice.
We pray that You stir us to never ‘pass by on the other side’, that we will never ‘look the other way’, that we will not grow weary in compassion or well doing.
Help us to encourage and lovingly challenge all those in authority – leaders in national and local Government, the Police and the health and social services.
We call out to You, the God of justice, to stir us to work without ceasing for a society where justice and righteousness flood this land!
Lord, let Your Kingdom come.
Lord, let Your will be done.

Synergy Network

05 Jul 2023

A Prayer for the NHS on its 75th Birthday

God of life and love
We celebrate 75 years of our National Health Service.
We rejoice in the vision which birthed it.
We pray for those charged with its continued well-being,
asking for commitment, vision and compassionate leadership.
We give thanks for the miracle of healthcare.
For all in the NHS whose skill, dedication and compassion we rely upon.
We commit to work for justice in healthcare provision,
for care for all who need it – according to their need.
In the name of Jesus who came to bring life we pray.
The United Reformed Church

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