Pause for Prayer : Jan 2024

31 Jan 2024

A prayer written by Martyn Payne for Candlemas (2 Feb) :

Lord God of new beginnings,
we delight to see signs of life around us
in the glory of snowdrops,
in the strengthening of the sunlight,
and in the shortening of the night hours.
On this festival day, we present ourselves to you,
within the temple of our existence,
that we too might be re-birthed and blessed
as signs of your new creation,
through and in our Lord Jesus Christ,
who is our pattern for life and our promise of fulfilment.

24 Jan 2024

A Prayer For Holocaust Memorial Day 27 Jan 2024: The Fragility of Freedom

Eternal God, we come before you, conscious of the fragility of freedom, to remember the victims of the Holocaust.

We lament the loss of the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust, the millions of other victims of Nazi persecution, and victims of all genocides.

Remembering the past, help us today to use what freedom we have to stand up for those whose freedom is denied.

We pray for a day when all shall be free to live in peace, unity and love.


Council of Christians and Jews

17 Jan 2024

A prayer for the new year by Martyn Percy:

Lord of time and eternity,
as we consider the year ahead,
strengthen in us the gift of a faith
that can humbly trust you every single day
for whatever lies before us;
and teach us also to make every day count,
that we may develop a heart of wisdom
in Jesus’ name.

10 Jan 2024

A Prayer for the Middle East for Peace Sunday (14 January)

God of peace, bearer of hope,  
we seek your help  
for the peoples of the Middle East. 

Quiet the clamour of war  
and guide us towards peace. 

Where there is hatred and division  
sow seeds of calm and openness. 

Where there is destruction  
help us to rebuild. 

Where children are crying  
bring an end to tears. 

Shelter your peoples and protect them  
Guide them and keep them from harm. 

Show us how to break down the barriers of history and fear  
and breathe whispers of hope. 


Linda Jones / CAFOD

03 Jan 2024

A Prayer for the New Year

Be Our Light for the New Year
Come, Holy Spirit,
Spirit of the Risen Christ, be with us today and always.
Be our Light, our Guide, and our Comforter.
Be our Strength, our Courage, and our Sanctifier.
May this new year be a time of deep spiritual growth for us,
A time of welcoming your graces and gifts,
A time for forgiving freely and unconditionally,
A time for growing in virtue and goodness.
Come, Holy Spirit,
Be with us today and always.
– Author Unknown

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