Pause for Prayer : December 2020

30 Dec 20

  • May we look back in thankfulness to God for the good things that happened in 2020, and for those who have walked with us, to bring about the Lord’s Kingdom of Justice and Peace.
  • May  we go forward in 2021,with hope and joy of Christmas in  our hearts, believing that good will overcome evil,  and that Christ is with us as we start our journey anew.
  • May we continue to hold in our hearts and prayers all  those who are being persecuted for their religious beliefs.

Our new year greetings to you all.
Mary Bradley, FPCT Justice and Peace Action Group

23 Dec 20

Good News

  • The incarnation irrevocably reveals that God has carefully created and tenderly blessed all people with dignity and worthiness.
  • Joe Biden has said  the US will re-join the Paris Climate Agreement on the first day of his Presidency.
  • The Cocoa Life Programme has reached over 1.2 million community workers in the fight against the Corona Virus. See
  • Vatican to go green by 2050: The aim is to reduce its environmental impact with the goal of zero emissions by 2050. Vatican City is undertaking projects and initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact, waste, and energy consumption, using more renewable resources.

For Reflection and Prayer

  • All our concerns regarding the Corona pandemic.
  • We will remember all those who do not have the freedom to worship  that we enjoy in our own country, thinking specially of those who are being persecuted for their Faith, and give thanks for the appointment of Fiona Bruce as the new Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief.
  • Calls to end the death penalty in the US: Bishops in the US have reiterated their calls for an end to the death penalty, as the government speeds up the pace of federal executions in the last days of the Trump presidency. Five executions have been scheduled in the upcoming weeks before President-elect Joe Biden’s 20 January 2021 inauguration. If the five go off as planned, thirteen executions will have been carried out since July.
  • We remember seafarers in our prayers, thanking God for them and the vital role they play in all our lives, often working in difficult and hazardous conditions and harsh weather. We pray for the work of Stella Maris, Mission to Seafarers, the RNLI and all who support them.

The FPCT Justice and Peace Group wish you all a Blessed, Peaceful and Prayerful Christmas.

Wake up and hear our cry

As we journey with the Holy Family to Bethlehem, we pray for all who make forced journeys. Give them strength to carry on and courage to walk the road ahead. 

Wake up, little baby God
And hear our cry

As we hear the innkeeper say there is no room, we pray for refugees for whom there is no country. Gather them to yourself and keep them free from harm.  

Wake up, little baby God 
And hear our cry

As we contemplate that first Christmas night, we pray for those with nowhere to lay their head. Comfort them in their need and uphold them in their plight.

Wake up, little baby God 
And hear our cry 

As we listen to the cry of the infant king, we pray for children everywhere born into poverty. Wrap them in your love and uphold them in your tender mercy.  

Wake up, little baby God 
And hear our cry 

As we remember the fear of the shepherds in the presence of the angels, we pray for all who are afraid to look ahead. Reassure them with your presence and embolden them to face the future. 

Wake up, little baby God 
And hear our cry 

As we recall the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt, we pray for all who flee from danger. Enfold them in your care and challenge us to offer our protection.

Wake up, little baby God 
And hear our cry 
That justice may be born. 


Annabel Shilson-Thomas/CAFOD

16 Dec 20

09 Dec 20

Good News

  • A sustainable fishing initiative has been agreed by 14 nations which together are responsible for 40% of the world’s shores. This will end overfishing, .restore fish stocks and stop pollution from entering their waters
  • Every major US bank  has joined the list of 30 major banks worldwide that will not fund drilling for oil in the Arctic.
  • Farmers in England will be paid to boost biodiversity on their lands. Landowners will receive funds to restore habitats, create woodlands, improve soil and cut pesticides

For Reflection and Prayer

  • For breakthrough in Brexit negotiations, that a  fair agreement will be reached, beneficial to the UK and EU.
  • That President Trump will not engage in further fossil fuel business while still in the White House.
  • Amazon and booksellers.  ”Amazon is an octopus. It takes over everything. They cut up every online bookseller.” Bookshops were closed in lockdown. Pressure is mounting for books to be classed as essential items.  
  • We continue to pray for all those who are harassed and persecuted on account of their religious belief. We pray, as Christmas approaches, especially for Christians in the Middle East, in Israel. Syria and Bethlehem.

02 Dec 20

Good News

  • Sail boats are being increasingly used by climate conscious companies to transport goods.
  • Indigenous leadership, advocacy and a return to protect the country  through fire and land management practices of the Aborigines,  are the key to minimising future fire devastation in Australia where temperatures are set to rise to the 40’s.
  • Berlin’s second hand craze is turning it into a zero waste city. One large departmental store has a large part of its floorspace exclusively for second hand goods.

For Reflection and Prayer

  • The reduction in the UK Overseas Aid budget from 0.7% to 0.5%of our GNP (Gross National Product.) Many are protesting against this. (Due to the Corona virus it is estimated that over 150 million people are being forced into poverty worldwide).
  • For ethical and fair outcomes to the UK’s Brexit and Overseas Trade negotiations
  • That we may support our own local Cornish Shops and Crafts Outlets when Christmas Shopping rather than buying  gifts and food in the big supermarkets .
  • That the richest and wealthiest of our world will use their financial assets ethically and fairly  to support their large business concerns with their thousands of employees.
  • For those affected by the collapse of Arcadia and Debenhams, with the potential loss of 25,000 jobs.

Prayer needed for Christians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia

Christians all over the world are invited to pray for peace in troubled regions this month, particularly in Ethiopia where conflict is escalating in the Tigray region.

The population in the region live in a situation of great instability between reprisals of armed groups and the intervention of the national army. This conflict risks spreading to the entire region of the Horn of Africa, as some other nations take advantage of the confusion, fanning the flames of the conflict, making it even more destructive. Hundreds are believed to have been killed in the conflict and several hundred thousand Ethiopians have fled for their lives into neighbouring Sudan.

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