Pause for Prayer : Dec 2021

22 Dec 2021

A Prayer for Christmas

God of the waiting and the watching ones, we praise you that you sent your Son to meet us. 
God of the frightened and the lonely ones, we praise you that you sent your Son to calm and surround us 

God of the oppressed and marginalized ones, we praise you that you sent your Son to liberate and include us. 

God of the bereaved and hurting ones, we praise you that you sent your Son to comfort and heal us. 

This Christmas fill our hearts with your love, that like Mary and Joseph we would be willing to take risks to proclaim your love to a hurting world, stand up against injustice and share the hospitality of your kingdom. 

We ask all this in the precious name of the Baby of Bethlehem. 


from Embrace the Middle East

15 Dec 2021

written by CTE General Secretary, Rev Dr Paul Goodliff

08 Dec 2021

A prayer written by Martyn Payne:
God of prophecy,
speak into our Advent waiting
with words of inspiration and courage,
that we might find in you:
a great light in our darkness,
a voice in our wilderness,
a highway in our desert,
and a new bloom in our dry land.
We wait for you, we look to you,
desire of all the nations,
and hope of the whole world.
Bible Reading Fellowship

01 Dec 2021

A prayer in the context of 27 people dying in the Channel

God in Jesus, our co-traveller in the boat of life,

We grieve with you for the loss of the 27 people who died in the Channel,

Who on fleeing from death and violence in their contexts,

have been tragically drowned at sea.

Let the river of your justice roll down to both shores of the Channel.

Create in us compassionate hearts to welcome and receive people in need,

Keep disturbing us till no person is displaced due to war, hunger and poverty,

Grant our decision-makers ‘hearts of human flesh’ to invest in people-friendly policies,

Embrace each of us with your love and healing,

Empower each of us with your anger for justice,

So that together we can strive to transform our world,

Where the life of all people is valued and respected.

In our weeping with you, challenge us and heal us. Amen.

Raj Bareth Patta
25 November 2021

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