Pause for Prayer : Aug 23

30 Aug 2023

This 1 September, Creation Day, also known as Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, opens the Season of Creation 2023. Faith leaders from around the globe will lead this time of prayer and reflection as we celebrate the start of the Season of Creation, on this year’s theme, “Let Justice and Peace Flow”.

23 Aug 2023

A prayer on the 75th birthday of the World Council of Churches (23 August 2023)  
God of peace, God of love, in you is our hope!
Merciful God, despite our divisions as churches, your Spirit shows us, as we come together in prayer, that we are one in our allegiance to Christ. Teach us to use this gift in the world so that believers of all faiths in every country may be able to listen to each other and live in peace.
God of peace, God of love, in you is our hope!

16 Aug 2023

09 Aug 2023

“God of love, work through us.”

Love can make an impact and inspire us all to drive positive change in our communities. 💚

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02 Aug 2023

A prayer in holiday time

Loving God, help us to recognise when we need refreshment and rest. Help us not to be afraid to take time apart or ask for help, and fill us with a new optimism for what you can do through the lives of those who rest in you. Amen

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