Pause for Prayer : Apr 2023

26 Apr 2023

A prayer for Sudan

Father God, we lift up Sudan and pray for stability in the region.
May those who covet power and those who seek to fight choose to walk the
path of peace.
Bring justice and healing to this divided land, we pray.
Out of this darkness, we pray that light will come.
We pray for a government that respects equality and religious freedom.
May Your church in this land reflect Your humility, forgiveness and love,
And so act as a signpost to the possibility of a different way of life.
Bring hope for those who feel helpless,
Healing for those who have been wounded,
And safety for all those who feel afraid.

Open Doors

An eco-responsive Lord’s Prayer for Earth Day 2023 (22 Apr)


19 Apr 2023

12 Apr 2023

door-opening God,
may the truth of the resurrection
light up our world this day,
helping us to live differently,
love fearlessly
and lean faithfully on Jesus
for whatever lies ahead.

An Easter prayer from The BRF Book of 100 Prayers written by Martyn Payne

05 Apr 2023


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