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Welcome to the new CTE website

Find out more about the new CTE website and how it can help you in your journey of unity…

28 September 2021

Churches Together in England exists to support and encourage churches from a wide range of traditions to work together in unity. With churches drawn from the Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Orthodox and Lutheran traditions, as well as Free Churches, Quakers and others, we unite one of the broadest range of churches in the whole of Europe. 

Find out more about the new CTE website and how it can help you in your journey of unity…

What will I find on the CTE website?

You’ll find a range of resources and stories to equip and inspire you in working together with other churches – whether that’s nationally, across counties or at a local level.

Our brand new mission section provides a range of content focusing on how churches are coming together to impact their communities. This includes a series of topical mission pages – covering sports, young or elderly people, evangelism, social action, the environment, racial justice and much more.

The News and Stories section is packed with inspiring examples of how churches are making an impact through working together, and also gives you access to the latest resources and initiatives from across the UK church.

And our new About and Working Together sections connect you with useful information about the churches and groups who make up CTE and the support our staff team and networks can offer.

What’s new?

Why is working in unity so important?

“Ecumenism is exciting.  Ecumenism can take us out of our comfort zone and into a place where not only do we have to listen and share more, but we also have an amazing opportunity to reach out more with the Good news of Jesus.”
Yvonne Campbell, General Secretary of Congregational Federation (a CTE national Member Church)

“We all have something to offer, and as Christian denominations we are all in this together. We need to work together for the good of humanity – that’s our mission.”
Pentecostal Bishop Esme Beswick, a CTE President from 2002-2006, reflecting on unity in 2019.

“I am experiencing that our actions bear fruit when we are working together in a spirit of great love which enables the Holy Spirit to inspire us.”
Elisabeth Hachmoeller, Ecumenical Co-ordinator, Churches Together in the Merseyside Region (one of a network of County Ecumenical Officers across the country)

Read more in our new Ecumenism explained section.

Visit the new CTE website at

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