New resource: Ethical Buying Guide for churches

Rosie Venner, Money Makes Change programme manager, introduces a new resource that helps churches connect their mission, values and spending decisions. 

From cleaning products to computers, toilet rolls to teabags, the purchasing decisions we make as churches have an impact on the world. What do we know about where and how those items were made? What do we know about the companies we buy from?

The latest resource from ECCR’s Money Makes Change programme – an Ethical Buying Guide for churches – equips churches to take practical steps with their spending to shape a fairer, more sustainable world.

With discussion questions, case studies and top tips for forming an ethical purchasing policy, you can use the resource to reflect and take action in your church:

  • Where do you already make positive purchasing decisions?
  • What other areas of spending do you need to consider?
  • Could you agree a purchasing policy that addresses the local and global issues you care about as a church?

You’ll also find ideas for engaging with companies, getting involved in campaigning and encouraging others to make more ethical spending decisions.

Our faith calls us to be just and generous stewards of resources, to love our neighbours and care for creation. How is that reflected in your church’s spending decisions? Please download and share this resource with others.

Download Ethical Buying Guide for churches

We’d love to hear your feedback and how you are using this resource. You can also get in touch if you’d like support in getting your church to take action. Contact us at

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