New project for children and young people out of school in Cornwall


RJ Working have a new project called Restorative Connections. It is fully funded and available for children and young people aged 9 to 15 years who are not in school, for whatever reason.

The organisation will deliver 6 sessions (each will be 1.5 hours), providing an introduction to Restorative Practice, where young people will learn more about themselves and their own emotions. There is a big focus on social and emotional learning, where they will also support young people to develop their understanding of other people’s emotions. The group will have an understnading of Restorative Practice, what it means and how to make things better when harm is caused. There will be the opportunity for each individual to explore their identity and discuss racial justice, and learn about what that means.

The group will also have the space to develop connections with each other. All of the sessions will involve a practical/creative element, where the young people will be able to make something to take home with them. This will support their ongoing learning and development, and help to share Restorative values with their family, supporters and friends.

The first group will be starting in Truro on Tuesday 1 March. RJ Working is also working on setting up other groups in different locations in Cornwall.

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