Net Zero in my Neighbourhood

Do you want to be a climate champion in your community? Would you like to help make where you live greener, safer and more pleasant? Are you looking for local ways to act on your environmental concerns? Then Net Zero In My Neighbourhood is just what you’re looking for!

These resources will help churches to support their communities in holding councils accountable over their climate action plans. The campaign encourages us to build relationships with our councils and facilitate meeting spaces for our communities to come together and discuss how we can achieve a just transition from fossil fuels where we are.

Read the pages below for background on the campaign, and download our practical guide for effective engagement with your local council.

Click here for an introduction to the campaign

Click here to learn more about why councils are important  

Click here to learn what churches can contribute

Click here for a practical guide to engaging with your council

Run a workshop on local councils and Net-Zero

We’d love to help your church get started with engaging your local council on their net-zero commitments. We’ve produced a one hour interactive workshop, exploring the background to the project and the practical steps to getting started.

Book us to come and meet your group – We will come and run the workshop with your group, either online or in person (availability permitting!). Email us at with some details about your group and any preference for dates, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Run the workshop yourself – We’ve also put together a version of the workshop that’s ready for you to download and run with your group. You can find workshop notes for a group leader and an accompanying Powerpoint presentation to download below.

Click here to download the workshop notes

Click here to download the Powerpoint Presentation

Sign up

Is this something you or your church would be interested in? Sign up to join our campaign mailing list and join the network of activists seeking a greener future for their neighbourhoods.

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