Meet the Funders Spring Event 2022 Toolbox Resources

Our Meet the Funders Spring event 2022 went ahead this year as an online event, spread over two consecutive mornings (25th & 26th May 2021 from 10:00am-1:00pm).

The event is an opportunity for Cornish projects seeking funding to meet and network with a large number of local and national funders. The day featured presentations, workshops, and ample time for Q&A.

Ahead of the event, participants were sent a ‘Meet the Funders Toolbox’ – a pre-posted, hard copy, of key documents to accompany the event and make it more interactive.

The contents of the Toolbox are also available for download below.

2022 Mt F Welcome Sheet

2022-MtF-Welcome-Sheet.pdf (567.902 KB)


2022 Mt F Funders Resource Document

2022-MtF-Funders-Resource-Document.pdf (3.298 MB)


2022 Mt F Funding Top Tips

2022-MtF-Funding-Top-Tips.pdf (474.479 KB)


2022 Mt F Workshop Programme

2022-MtF-Workshop-Programme.pdf (273.387 KB)


2022 Mt F Project Basics

2022-MtF-Project-Basics.pdf (138.666 KB)


2022 Mt F Prayer Card

2022-MtF-Prayer-Card.pdf (79.96 KB)


2022 Mt F Prayers for Ukraine

2022-MtF-Prayers-for-Ukraine.pdf (34.796 KB)


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