Mapping the Landscape


Research from South West Youth Ministries to capture how churches and Christian organisations are working with children and young people across the region.

South West Youth Ministries (SWYM) has been serving local churches across the region, helping resource and equip youth and children’s ministry over the last 23 years. Even with this work developing across the south west, we are all too aware that their ministry is still only scratching the surface. SWYM are therefore keen to get a snap–shot of the ministry that is happening with children and young people across the region with the aim to get a picture of where there is excellent coverage and impact and where there may be gaps in provision.

Our hope is that as a part of this research we might be able to channel new work into areas of most need and least coverage in the future as well as to ascertain if the resources and training we provide for local churches to equip and resource them is in fact what they really want. In conclusion our hope is to get a clear snap–shot of ministry to this generation in this region to inform and help us to draw some conclusions that might shape our and others energy and investment in the years to come.

We are really excited to be a part of this research project and want to encourage every church in the SW to get involved so we might get the fullest picture of exactly what ‘The Church’ is doing in terms of children and young people so together across denominational divides we can work together to reach a generation in every corner of the region.  

Research Timeline

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