Living in Love and Faith Responses Published

Gathered responses from church-wide engagement.

Picture of the new LLF reports

As part of the church-wide engagement with the Living in Love and Faith resources, everyone who took part was invited to share their learning, insights and reflections. Over 6,000 responses were received, through questionnaires, focus groups, creative responses and a variety of other forms. These responses have been gathered into a report, Listening with Love and Faith. This is accompanied by a more detailed technical report and a reflective essay entitled, Friendship and the Body of Christ. These and the LLF resources will support the bishops in their ongoing discernment process as they seek to discern what they believe God is saying to the Church of England today.

Listening with Love and Faith

Listening with Love and Faith: Gathered responses from churchwide engagement.

Friendship and the Body of Christ: A Living in Love & Faith resource for reflection and conversation

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