Liturgical Resources for Black History Month (1-31 Oct 2022)

These resources, which are designed for use during Black History Month, include Services of the Word, a Eucharistic service, Prayers of Lament and of Commission, and links to further resources for Bible studies, youth work, Messy Church, and music. They are for all churches. The Church has immense formative power within the wider community and such power begins in our worship of God.

Racism is at root an issue of power, the limiting of the capacity of certain people and groups to act whilst privileging and promoting the capacity of others, solely on the grounds of racial characterisation. Our worship and the life of the Church are not free from these dynamics. These resources are an invitation to develop a constant awareness to such dynamics in our worship and the life of the Church, nourished by and borne out of the constant focus of true worship. At the heart of this invitation is an intentional focus on and attention to God and God’s will for all people: life in all its fullness according to the image of God in which all are created.

Download the resources

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