Liskeard: CAP Liskeard & Looe Debt Centre

‘For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine’
Isaiah 9:2, NLT
Several Liskeard & Looe churches are working in partnership and have launched a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Centre. Their work serves the PL13 & PL14 post code areas of Cornwall – that is Liskeard, Looe and the surrounding areas. St Martin’s PCC (Liskeard), the South East Cornwall Methodist Circuit, Greenbank Community Church (Liskeard) and Light & Life Free Methodist Church (Liskeard) & Grace Community Church (Morval) all support this vital work.
CAP is a much-needed Christian mission designed to help those in poverty who are trapped with debt that they cannot afford to repay, whilst spreading the good news.
How it works
1. People seeking help call the bookings team at CAP on 01274 761911
2. An appointment will be made for the local debt centre manager to visit the client in their home. A befriender attends with the centre manager.
3. After the service has been explained, details about income and expenditure are gathered and then a recommended route out of debt will be discussed and agreed.
4. If the client wishes to continue, CAP will support the client every step of the way.
5. Once the client has agreed to work with CAP, they no longer have to talk with any of their creditors – the burden is lifted almost immediately.
CAP helps anyone, regardless of their beliefs or life choices.
How you can help
In a typical CAP working week, someone becomes debt free every 45 minutes; someone chooses to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ every 2 hours. Wouldn’t you want to be part of that?
You can support your local CAP debt centre by:
Becoming part of the support team
Contact us to find out how you can be involved. There are many roles including befriending, helping with shopping, organising events, offering blessings, etc. You can be involved as little or as much as you like.
Becoming a Life Changer
We need money in order to provide this free service. Wages, expenses, resources, training, postage, phone calls, printing and blessings cost money. Despite volunteer support and grant funding from the partner churches, we still need to find enough money to continue this valuable mission. If you could commit to regular financial giving, you would be actively and profoundly changing the lives of the poor. Contact us to find out more.
Praying for our service and our clients
We would love you to stand with us and pray for our clients and our ministry. Contact our local CAP centre to be added to the regular prayer newsletter to receive specific prayer requests by email. Prayer works!
Promoting our service
Please tell anyone who can benefit from CAP’s help to call 01274 761911 or visit for more information.
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