Lighting up the cathedral website

The chance to light a candle when in Truro Cathedral is something that physical visitors have always had. But, from 6 July, the cathedral is pleased to offer the same opportunity to digital visitors with the launch of its new ‘Light a Virtual Candle’ page. 

The new page allows visitors to Truro Cathedral’s website the chance to ‘light’ a virtual candle that will be present, flickering and visible on the page for a 48-hour period. Should they wish, there is the ability for people to write their name and leave a message or prayer alongside their candle too – though equally there is the option for these to be anonymous.

Speaking about the development, Dean of Truro, Roger Bush, said, “As a team, we understand that for various reasons, there are times when individuals who would really like to visit the cathedral, unfortunately, can’t. Something that has been heightened throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. We have developed the virtual candle on the website to try to bridge the gap a little and offer the chance to engage with this important spiritual aspect remotely.”

It is completely free to light a virtual candle, and people are warmly invited to do so. Anyone wishing to make a donation, however small, to enable the cathedral to continue its life and work can do via the cathedral’s Just Giving page.

“People light candles for so many reasons,” said Dean of Truro, Roger Bush. “Often remembering people who are unwell, far away, facing a challenging time, those that have passed, but also in celebration too, of new babies, marriages, big birthdays. Whatever the motivation, the candle and its burning light can become a symbol of prayer or thought with that person or cause at its heart. Whether a physical or digital flame, the meaning absolutely remains.”

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