Levelling Up and social needs: An analysis of government’s progress


When you ask people how they would judge their area to have levelled up, they’ll tell you about the social issues in their area, like homelessness, crime, and poverty. Yet so far Levelling Up money has been focussed on physical infrastructure. We’re not seeing targeting towards places with higher rates of homelessness, despite it being among the issues the public most care about.

With a White Paper imminent, and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund yet to be fully allocated, the Government has a real opportunity to set this right.

Based on our previous polling, the public consider the most important aspects to an area being levelled up to be reduced homelessness (36% placing this in their top three factors), reduced poverty (36%), lower levels of crime (34%), and lower levels of unemployment (32%).

In this analysis, we investigate where Levelling Up money is going and how it compares with these priorities.

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