Lent 2021 and Church Action on Poverty Sunday

We’d like to give you advance notice of two ways you can take action to loosen the grip of poverty next year!

21 February: Church Action on Poverty Sunday, ‘New Wineskins’

Church Action on Poverty Sunday 2021 will explore the theme ‘New Wineskins’ – as we journey together through these difficult times, how can we ensure people on the margins are fully included in our work for a new and better world? Use our resources to reflect on the theme in church, and raise funds to ensure people in poverty have dignity, agency and power.

Please mark the date in your diary – and make sure your church and worship team know about it. Register your interest below, and we will send you a resource pack in October with fundraising and worship materials.

 Register to take part in Church Action on Poverty Sunday 

Lent 2021: Life-Changing Stories

If you run Lent programmes in your church, please consider using our Scripture on the Margins materials. In 2021, we’re looking at the Acts of the Apostles, as a story of how people on the margins were empowered to go out and change the world. There will be five studies by Nick Jowett, Raj Patta, Sue Richardson, Jan Sutch Pickard and Ruth Wilde. 

Life-Changing Stories will be published on 8 October. If you can, please talk to the people who plan your church’s Lent programme, and encourage them to bear it in mind when they start planning!

Best wishes

Liam Purcell
Church Action on Poverty

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