Lego church hosts first ever baptism

Thu 01 Dec 2022 by Alex Collett

A church in Devon is believed to have become the first in the UK to hold a Lego baptism.

All Saint’s’ Church in Oakhampton has been running Lego church services for over a year now.

The church holds a Lego service once a month and one of the organisers, Michelle Farrelly and her husband Angus decided to have their two-month-old son Oliver baptised within one of these services.

Explaining the concept to Premier, Rev Stephen Cook, team rector of the Northmoor Mission Community said: “Basically what happens is, we have a huge pile of Lego in the middle of the room 
with several tables around it and as people come in, they’re welcomed and invited to sit at one of the tables where there’s a challenge to build something related to the Bible story for that day. 

“It might be a house or a car, rescue vehicle. While people are doing that, we serve snacks and drinks and we chat together, then after a while we break away and tell the Bible story.

“We then have some prayers and sometimes we sing a song. 

“Then we go back to the tables to finish what we’re doing with some questions to think about.”

Speaking on the Lego baptism, he said: “We asked people to build a surround for that we were going to use for the baptism. 

“They really got into it and it was a rather beautiful construction.

“The baptism was similar to the Lego service, apart from the baptism of Oliver and one of the children’s slipped a Lego Shark into the baptism water”

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