Justice X Together


Justice X Together is a brand new, four-part series designed to help you explore injustice with your youth group, equipping them to be part of the solution. The programme provides opportunities to practically take action and discuss what it means to live a just life.

Justice X Together aims to make the world a more just place by revealing how God intended it to be. We journey together towards justice within our spheres of influence.

This new course contains four sessions:

Session One

Unpacking Social Inequality: “Are we for the richer or the poorer?”

Poverty impacts people in many different ways. Whatever way it is, it robs people of living life to the fullest. 

God’s love for us desires us to live in unity, together as one. This first session unpacks how poverty is not God’s plan and what we can do about it.

Session Two

Unpacking Racial Injustice: “Is race an “us” problem?”

Racial injustice is nothing new under the sun. Treating someone differently because of the colour of their skin is something that has been happening for centuries – it has been ingrained into systems, societies and churches for far too long. 

This session goes deeper into how racial injustice tears down God’s image-bearers and is an issue we ALL have a role to play in. 

Session Three

Unpacking Climate Injustice: “Are we burning down the house?”

Our world is dying. The temperature is increasing at too fast a rate. We’re seeing injustice multiplied from increased poverty, social justice issues, inequality and climate refugees on the rise. 

Tune into this session to hear how God’s perspective keeps us hopeful.

Session Four

Unpacking Fast Fashion: “Can we slow down fast fashion?”

It’s not wrong to love fashion and want to look good, but when people’s human rights are at stake, we have to rethink our priorities. The fashion industry is one of five key industries most linked to modern slavery. 

This session explores how we as Christians can make consumer choices that refuse to accept the status quo and ask for a new reality.

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