In London, “standing up for God’s creation” means acting with courage for climate justice

02 September 2020

As the ecumenical family celebrates Season of Creation, churches across the world are showing their strong passion for climate justice and caring for the Earth. In London, this passion has been in evidence this week as church leaders and lay people joined marches, peacefully advocating for change even despite the threat of being arrested.

Members of an ecumenical group of Christians in London, Christian Climate Action, were arrested this week as they demanded urgent action on climate change. They were part of a group of more than 160 who were arrested during the “Extinction Rebellion,” a movement in London and Manchester that is urging the government to address the climate crisis—now.

Campaigners were arrested when they blocked traffic around Parliament in central London. Pastors and lay people represented the face of the church as they prayed, marched, and meditated. The Rt Rev. Dr Rowan Williams joined a protest march and sat with a group in prayer and meditation in Parliament square.

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