I Know the Plans I Have For You – Global Conversation with WDP England, Wales and Northern Ireland

On November 19th 2021, the World Day of Prayer International Committee, in collaboration with the World Day of Prayer England, Wales and Northern Ireland Committee, hosted a Global Conversation based on the WDP 2022 program and theme, “I Know the Plans I Have For You” (Jeremiah 29:1-14).

Liz Burroughs introduces the plans for the 2022 World Day of Prayer service and Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London, talks about modern day slavery, racial justice and domestic abuse, especially with reference to women.

The overarching theme of the service is HOPE – very appropriate for this time when the world is coming to terms with the ongoing risks of a pandemic and the looming climate crisis. HOPE is depicted through the lighting of candles, the distribution of seeds and the exchange of message worldwide via social media using #WDPhope. The service also offers us all an opportunity to appreciate more clearly the enormity of God. All this work will come to fruition on Friday, March 4th 2022 when we gather for prayers and actions around the world.

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