Hybrid Church Charter: A framework for accessibility, inclusion and outreach through hybrid church

The Hybrid Church Charter

During the Pandemic the forced suspension of on-site services caused a transformation in how individuals connected with church.

As the building doors slammed shut the digital doors swung wide open.

​For many people, especially for those whom are unable to attend on-site church services and activities due to health issues, disability or lack of accessibility measures, the emergence of digital opening allowed them access and equality with those who had always taken this access for granted.

Whereas before there were pioneering groups forging new paths, now we needed main roads, digital highways, mass connections.

For those that had not ever considered attending a church service, many sampled what church is like through live streams and social media.
The digital generation discovered that the church had something to say to them on the platforms and devices through which they live their lives.
People connected to church across borders, cultures and traditions.

As social distancing regulations are relaxed it is vital that as we re-open the building doors of the church that we do not shut the digital doors!
The future of the Church is hybrid, combining the best of what our buildings and traditions allow with the best of digital opportunities.

Endorse the Hybrid Church Charter to show your support for accessibility, inclusivity and outreach through digital. Receive FREE resources and invites to events to help you develop your hybrid ministry. 


As a Hybrid Charter Church we will seek to:


Provide ways to digitally access church services both in real time and on demand. We will also provide opportunities for those present digitally to contribute, lead and serve as equals.


Enable digital participation at church meetings, events and conferences.


Ensure that the Church both onsite and online provides safe places to explore faith and engage through effective safeguarding procedures.


Enable digital participation in church governance, allowing those present digitally
to contribute and vote in the same way as those attending on site.


Encourage small groups to enable digital participation.


Engage in digital outreach, providing evangelism and discipleship opportunities to those that connect online.


Commit to treating the digital space as an equally valid place for worship, fellowship, prayer, evangelism, discipleship and teaching.


Ensure that those who are digitally disenfranchised, be it through resources, ability or choice are able to access all aspects of church without needing to be online.


Invest in digital ministry as funds allow so that this Charter’s aims can be achieved.


Empower those with creative, digital and spiritual gifts to become leaders in the church’s digital ministry.


Endorse the Charter 

Adding your name to the Hybrid Church Charter demonstrates your  commitment to accessibility, inclusion and outreach through digital.

​It’s totally free! We’ll add your church’s details to the Hybrid Church directory, send you a PDF version of the charter you can print off and display, along with a mark you can use on the footer of your emails or website.

You’ll also receive invites to free events and resources to help you develop your hybrid ministry.

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