Help us redefine ‘voluntary sector’

by Laura Barnes | 24 Jun 2021 |

Can you help us co-sense an idea? We want your help to overcome the challenge that the VCSE sector is often seen as volunteers. We feel this doesn’t reflect that there is wide range of expertise in the sector and a growing number of paid roles. Organisations are often perceived as providers of goods and services which doesn’t reflect the outstanding community leadership. Here in Cornwall, we have a unique number of thought leaders. Your amazing ideas at Co-creating Cornwall’s Future were testament to that. We want to create a new identity to reflect these changes. We want to shine a light on the people, places and practice within the sector.

We regularly convene a meeting with VERA, a group of 20 CEOs and the faith sector. Within this week’s meeting, there was a unanimous yes to this change of terminology, although there is a lot more thinking to be done around it. Before we get into all of that, we would like to co-sense this with the rest of the Community sector. We have designed a Mentimeter poll that takes about 20 seconds to complete. We would love your feedback. You can click the link or scan the QR code to access the poll. Thank you!

Access Mentimeter poll

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