Heeding the Spirit: New Horizons in Receptive Ecumenism: recorded talks

Talks from the 2021 online study day Heeding the Spirit: New Horizons in Receptive Ecumenism are now available on our YouTube channel:

  • Paul D. Murray: ‘Receptive Ecumenism’s Distinctive Contribution’ Video | Text (opens pdf)
  • Antonia Pizzey: ‘Deepening the Spiritual in the Ecumenical’ Video | Text (opens pdf)
  • Gregory Ryan: ‘The Reception of Receptive Ecumenism’ Video | Text (opens pdf)
  • Mathew Chandrankunnel: ‘Wider Ecumenism: A Pilgrimage Towards Cosmic Christ Consciousness’ Video | Slides (opens pdf)
  • Sara Gehlin: ‘Receptive Ecumenism and Cosmopolitan Conflict Resolution’ Video
  • Gabrielle Thomas: ‘Qualitative Research and Receptive Ecumenism: Contributions from Fieldwork’ Video
  • Cyril Hovorun: ‘Byzantine Ecumenism’ Video | Notes (opens pdf) 

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