Guidance for Christian faith organisations in the support and value of older people

This excellent resource has been developed and produced by Professor Keith Brown, the founding director of The National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work (NCPQSW) and Professional Practice- in partnership with Faith in Later Life. Professor Brown is the leading expert in his field, and a Christian of over 40 years.

This guidance considers a range of issues facing older people, and challenges churches and Christian faith organisations to do the same. Those living in the fourth age are not a homogeneous group; to start with they represent people from different generations, with different life experiences, a range of health issues and different social situations. They are also at different stages of a faith journey, many will have been to Sunday school as children, many will have been married in church. Some will have been life-time Christians and be regular church attenders, some will now only go to church for ceremonies, others will not want to step foot into a church again. The diversity of the fourth age provides great opportunity for churches and Christian faith organisations; this guidance gives some ideas to churches for different ministries, outreach and mission among older people.

This resource is free to download via this link

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