Green Shoots Flourish – a review of the work of CTE 2020 to 2022

A snapshot of what ecumenism looks like in England.

13 March 2022  

This publication, written by CTE staff, reports on the two years covering the Coronavirus pandemic. Inevitably, it can only touch the surface of all that is happening, but provides a snapshot of what ecumenism looks like in England.

Green Shoots Flourish was prepared to coincide with the CTE Forum 2022 which took place from 14 to 16 March.

It has sections on each of CTE’s seven strategic aims:

  1. To inspire Member Churches to work more closely together in mission
  2. To find new ways to support intermediate and local ecumenism
  3. To find ways to extend CTE’s valued role of relationship building
  4. To create more opportunities for churches to do theology together
  5. To increase the capacity of CTE to speak out in the public square
  6. To strengthen CTE’s own vision of its role and make this more widely known
  7. To develop the work of racial justice for CTE and its Member Churches

Read/download Green Shoots Flourish (8 page pdf).

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