General Election Resources

Every election presents an opportunity for citizens to participate critically and constructively in the democratic process. The Joint Public Issues Team encourages everyone to ‘Love, Pray, Vote’.

There will be a general election at some point before 28 January 2025.

We’ve put together some resources to help you prepare for and engage with elections. Find out about registration and voter ID, explore issues briefings, how to engage with the election as a church, and find out how to hold a hustings in your neighbourhood.

Engage with the general election as a church

We’ve suggested six ways that churches and church leaders can prepare for the general election.

Read our blog post here

Hold a hustings

We encourage you to attend hustings in your area, or consider hosting a hustings event in your church or local community.

Download our new guide to holding a hustings for the coming General Election [PDF]

You can find an accessible webpage version of the hustings guide here.

Click here to go to the webpage version

Register to vote

It’s really important to register to vote if you are able to vote. You can register online or with a downloaded paper form. It takes about 5 minutes, and you will need to know your National Insurance number.

You do not need to register to vote for each election. If you have recently changed address or changed your name, you will need to make sure your details are up to date by registering to vote again.

Register to vote

Voter ID

If you live in England, you now need photo ID to vote in almost all elections . You will not be able to vote if you do not have photo ID, even if you are registered to vote. In Scotland and Wales, you will need photo ID to vote in future General Elections.

You can find information about Voter ID from The Electoral Commission here.

Read our guidance on Voter ID

Deciding who to vote for

It’s important to use your vote wisely and to make an informed decision about who you vote for.

You can find out who your candidates are here.

Our hopes for manifestos

Read our suggestions for a General Election manifesto. Listen to our podcast series on Hopeful Manifestos for each of our six hopes for society.

Our hopes for manifestos

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