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With East Africa facing its worst drought in over 40 years, the decades of inadequate action to address the climate crisis can no longer be ignored.

Our new food campaign is urging the UK government to keep the promises it made at the COP26 climate talks last year and support agricultural systems that tackle the climate crisis as well as putting local communities first.

Our global food system is broken

Climate change, the pandemic and the rising prices of food and agricultural products as a result of the Ukraine crisis, have together revealed the fragility of our current global food system.

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At a time of crisis these impacts are mostly felt in low-income countries, but they also have serious repercussions at home, where earlier this year 9% of the UK population were experiencing food insecurity despite living in the fifth-largest economy in the world.

Clearly, our current global food system is not working for both people and planet. But together we can play our part in re-thinking it, and challenging the imbalance of power so that it works for everyone.

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Is there any good news?

Yes – alternatives to the current food system already exist. Small farmers like Suchitra in Bangladesh are growing food in ways that provide a decent income for their families, help local economies and are good for the climate.

Our food system can be transformed if more small farmers are better supported. But the UK government gives the majority of its support to big businesses.

Will you email the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, today? The UK government must implement its COP26 commitments and support agricultural systems that put local communities first and protect the planet.  

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7 stations activity

Order resources to help you run our seven stations activity in your parish and share why we need to fix the food system with your community.

Prayers on food and hunger

Pray with us for a fairer global food system where everyone has enough.

Children and young people

Step up to the plate in school this term by telling the government to keep the promises they made at COP26.

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