Fill your street with friendliness

A bright spot in this difficult year has been the resurgence of community spirit during the lockdown… 

The As One campaign has been set up to help churches, in a wider partnership, recapture this, embed it for the long term and at the same time invest in new and fruitful links with their immediate neighbourhood.

Pre-Lockdown, a Birmingham initiative led by Christians captured the imagination of the UK’s second city.  158 organisations joined the campaign to bring greater friendliness; then churches invited local streets to a tea party to boost friendliness ‘right here’.  It worked, and church members were then part of starting Street Associations on the streets where they lived, creating ongoing links, generating real community, real friendships and a way of ‘loving your neighbour’ in practice.

Churches Together in England President, Rev Dr Hugh Osgood has offered his support to As One in a video message:

As One is now planning to bring this tried-and-tested approach to other parts of the UK.  Martin Graham, the organiser, says “As One is ready to help groups of churches approach the local authority, provide the banners, plus other key materials, suggested talks, mentoring, advice and written guides on how to do all this, with national profile – all supported by a paid local coordinator to take much of the strain.” 
Email Martin Graham for more details and campaign costs on  

We are exploring the possibility of bring this initiative to Cornwall. If you would be interested to know more please contact

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