Cornwall’s Faith Communities Invited to Join New Alliances


During lockdown there has been significant joint working within the voluntary sector, pioneered by Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum. These new approaches to collaboration, and plans to strengthen the sector and better serve the people of Cornwall are well developed and starting to roll out. The full details of the Alliance agreements can be found on the VSF website here, but the highlights are:

  • VERA, the VCSE Emergency Response Alliance, will continue to meet as a strategic alliance for the VCSE. VERA is comprised of VCSE chief executive officers representing a wide range of services to residents and visitors.
  • Thematic Alliances, with four up and running (Infrastructure, Mental Health, Disability and Carers) and plans for 13 more, with membership from organisations which deliver applicable services, to focus on specific beneficiary groups or single issue causes.
  • Local Alliances, building from the community response hubs, commencing in September. Local alliances will help more organisations to get involved, and collaborate to improve their local offerings.

If you are interested in being part of this, please visit the VSF website, join as a member (it’s free) and let us know what areas you are interested in.

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