Fairtrade ‘Choose the World You Want’ festival events on demand


Sit back, grab a Fairtrade cuppa, and catch up on everything the festival has to offer, from short films to recordings of our live events. Browse everything here at your leisure, including:

Fairtrade Flower Pressing with AUBSU

Would you like to take a moment of calm in your week? Would you like to learn something new? Would you also like to support flower workers around the world while you’re at it? Then all you’ll need is a bunch of Fairtrade flowers and to tune into our workshop!

Tackling the UK’s global environmental footprint

Green Alliance was delighted to host this online event in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation, asking the question, is tackling the UK’s global environmental footprint the route to a resilient, low carbon economy?

You can change the world!

Join best-selling author, Margaret Rooke, for a trip around the world to hear the inspiring stories of teenagers who have dared to change the world they live in. (33 mins)

Cocoa Climate

Discover why the climate is so important for food and farmers in this new film for schools… Cocoa Climate! (4 mins)

Make The World a Better Place

In 2015, the global community agreed on 17 global sustainability goals to make the world fairer and more sustainable. Six years later, what are the challenges facing farmers and workers? (52 mins)

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