Film screening: Hungry for Change & Food for Thought : 4 Jul, Helston


July 4, 2023 | 7:00 pm
Helson Methodist Church, 42 Coinagehall St, Helston TR13 8EQ

Helston Climate Action Group is delighted to be taking part in the launch of the latest film in the Cornwall Climate Stories series from Cornwall Climate Care.

We will be showing HUNGRY FOR CHANGE, along with FOOD FOR THOUGHT, which combine to provide vital information on the way climate change is already impacting on food and farming in Cornwall, and how we can respond to future challenges.

Cornwall’s Climate Stories is a series of short documentaries highlighting the impacts of climate change already being felt across Cornwall, as well as the fantastic local businesses, researchers and community groups working hard to prepare us for the challenges coming our way.

Following the films, we will be hosting a panel discussion and Q&A with some of the people featured in the film, and in the making of it.

Tickets are available without charge, but we will be collecting donations on the night for local food projects helping our community respond to food waste and food justice: Helston Community Larder; Helston & Lizard Foodbank and Cornwall Gleaning Network. Please come along and support their important work!

Details of the short films are below.

Hungry for Change

We import nearly 50% of all our food in the UK … and waste one-third of it. So it is unsurprising that the food we eat and the way we produce it is responsible for a huge part of our carbon emissions.

Hungry for Change, the latest episode in the Cornwall’s Climate Stories series, looks at our reliance on this intensive, hyper-globalised, fossil fuel-driven food system – which is itself becoming more and more vulnerable to climate shocks.

The film is presented by forager Josh Quick, who asks whether there are ways of producing more of our food locally and in more imaginative but less damaging ways. It takes a fascinating and inspiring look at a whole range of stories, from the gleaners picking ‘waste’ crops in our fields to projects growing food in unusual places and a microbiologist keen to get us all eating low-carbon insects.

Watch the trailer below.

Food for Thought

Should we all be giving up meat and dairy if we’re to have a hope of avoiding dangerous climate breakdown?

This is what the headlines seem to tell us. But is this too simplistic a picture – and what would this mean for Cornwall, where the majority of our farmland is used to raise livestock or to grow crops for these animals to eat?

Food for Thought looks at the undeniable impacts of modern animal agriculture as well as some of the incredible Cornish initiatives underway to mitigate them – and also the role that regenerative farming could play in actually combating climate change while producing nutritious food.

Presented by organic beef farmer Lisa Guy, this film aims to inspire much-needed conversation and action about a crucial subject that has become one of the most contentious within the climate debate.

Watch the trailer below.

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