Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is a huge Christian landmark. It will sit in the heart of the UK at Coleshill, near Birmingham, by the end of 2022. The gigantic monument of hope will host a million accounts of answered prayer, making it the largest database of hope stories in the world.

Each brick will recount a personal, specific way in which God has answered a prayer for people both now and in the past, offering a vast amount of experiences all explaining how God has come through for individuals in the midst of life’s storms. 

We want to see Jesus’ miraculous and loving nature celebrated through these answered prayers and believe that the one million testimonies will ignite faith, and belief in the power of prayer on a national level.

This project is about how one person’s answered prayer can become another person’s hope. Answered prayer is a springboard for faith with each story reflecting a beautiful aspect of God’s intention towards us. We know it will make hope visible to our country.  

Our Vision

Preserve the Christian heritage of our nation

God has faithfully and powerfully moved throughout the history of the UK. He has answered prayers of people such as St Augustine way back in the sixth century, right through to the more modern times of WWII, when millions of people queued up outside churches to pray for the men on the beaches of Dunkirk. 

75,000 ‘heritage bricks’ will be included in Eternal Wall to celebrate answered prayer dating as far back as 600 AD. This is to preserve and remember how God has helped people all throughout our nation’s rich history.

We have no way of knowing what culture and society will look like in a hundred years’ time, but we do know that Eternal Wall will still be standing, and that people will still be able to discover its stories of hope, and see that Jesus answers prayer. 

We know that we will have faithfully sown into future generations and shared with them what Jesus has done in our time. 

Ignite a faith for prayer on a national level

You will come to Eternal Wall and be inspired by the fact that every single brick in its design represents a story of Jesus answering prayer. Faith or no faith, we believe you will be encouraged by the many stories of God changing situations around, and perhaps you will even be inspired to ‘try praying’ to Jesus.

You will have free access to the incredible database of one million answered prayers. Type in whatever situation or storm of life you’re going through, and discover personal accounts detailing how God answered and came through for many different people. We know that if He has done it before, He is more than faithful to do it again. Your faith will be lifted and you will be encouraged to seek Him for an answer.

Reveal Christ to the nation

It is, we believe, a time for Christians to be bold about their faith. Around 500,000 journeys will travel past this monument every week, and we estimate that 200,000 people will visit the site annually. 
We hope that as you discover the answered prayers and comprehend the colossal nature of what you are witnessing, you will personally encounter the God who answers. 

Furthermore, we also believe that this project will embolden Christians to share their faith and their stories of answered prayer more freely.

Watch the video of how we got the land. Join us in making hope visible by clicking on one of the options below.

A million stories of hope

Eternal Wall will make hope visible to the nation on a huge scale. Each one of its million bricks will represent an answered prayer, contributed by individuals from all across the UK. The monumental piece of public art will be the largest database of hope stories in the world.

Share your answered prayer

Monumental Art

Standing at 169ft (51.5m), the arch of Eternal Wall will be visible from up to six miles away. The striking new UK monument will be over twice the size of the Angel of the North, and be seen by 500,000 journeys each week.

Interactive bricks

Every single one of the million bricks in Eternal Wall will represent an answer to prayer.

A bespoke app will allow visitors to:

  • Hold a phone up to any brick to unlock the associated story
  • See uniquely crafted content, highlighting answered prayers relevant to personal interests
  • Zoom in on bricks out of reach and high up on the 168ft structure
  • Search for answered prayer stories about specific situations or topics from the database
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