Do Justice: A Vision for Spiritual and Civic Renewal in England and Wales


Do Justice is about empowering and inspiring parishes, schools, communities and individuals to celebrate justice and challenge injustice, taking action to improve the world we live in.

It’s more than just charity. It’s more than just a one-off campaign. For those of us who are baptised, it’s the call to fulfil our vocation as witnesses and agents of peace and justice.

Through Do Justice, together we are reading and understanding the signs of the times all around us, taking positive action and raising our voices for good.  

Our aim is to advance the Catholic Church’s social action across the nations.

We want to empower Catholics across England and Wales towards living out their vocation to tackle injustice, transform human relations, and to heal the wounds of our society. Do Justice is about making that happen. 

Our vision is to build a civilisation of love, solidarity, and justice, rooted in the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching.

Our mission is about more than charity, it is about tackling the root causes of injustice. It is about raising awareness of the needs of people in our society, inspired by love. It is about promoting the rights and duties of every human being, about lasting change, a way of living in line with the Gospel. We envision a society where the dignity of every person is respected and upheld, where everyone can flourish and live in peace and freedom, and where there is no exclusion, discrimination, or dehumanising poverty. 

“Our society is in need of renewal, the social fabric of our communities is in need of repair, our social relations… are in need of being strengthened.”

Do Justice: A Vision for Spiritual and Civic Renewal in England and Wales, 2023

Do Justice:

A Vision for Spiritual and Civic Renewal in England and Wales, is the heart of our Do Justice mission.

Published by Caritas Social Action Network, this core text sets out a renewed vision for the nations of England and Wales, centred on Christ and Catholic Social Teaching. It is an invitation to the Catholic communities of England and Wales to fulfil ever more deeply our baptismal vocation and it is the foundation of Do Justice.  

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