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Could you host a Let’s End Poverty banner outside your church or public building, to show that you want to see an end to poverty?

Let’s End Poverty supporting organisations including The Methodist Church, Church Action on Poverty, SVP and The Joint Public Issues Team have teamed up with international development agencies Christian Aid and CAFOD to encourage churches and local groups to host banners displaying their support for action on poverty, wherever it exists.

Could you put up a banner outside your church, place of worship or community space? 

You can purchase a banner to be delivered directly to you using the form below. You can see the cost of the different banner designs. You will invoiced for the cost of your chosen design directly by the printer.

Alternatively, if you would like to order your banner independently, email hello@letsendpoverty.co.uk to receive a copy of the design.

As the initiative is run in collaboration with these organisations as part of a project called Act on Poverty, you can opt in to receive updates from each of them.

The options include:

2m x 1m banner in English or Welsh or both – £96 incl. VAT
3m x 1m banner in English or Welsh or both – £132 incl. VAT

Fill out the order form here and click ‘Order banner’ to place your order:


You could also put a digital banner on your website. Download the graphics here

Post expires on July 20th, 2024

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