CTC Launches New Initiative to Map Social Action Projects by Cornish Churches

12 February 2020

CTC’s new initiative to map social action projects led or supported by Cornish churches launches today.

As FaithAction says:

“…when it comes to health and social care, many outstanding programmes and initiatives are still ‘under the radar’.
The mapping and resourcing of these hidden gems…must be right at the top of the agenda of those involved in making social prescribing happen.”

So to get a better picture of what’s happening in Cornwall, we plan a county-wide mapping project to identify existing services:
SAM – Social Action Mapping for Cornish Churches

In the first phase of the project, during spring 2020, we will work with Churches Together groups to identify projects operating in their area, recording the details in appropriate publicly accessible databases, websites and publications, aiming to reach doctors’ surgeries, social prescribing agencies, council services and other agencies.

In phase 2 we will seek to identify gaps in provision and explore ways they might be filled, and seek funding and partnerships to provide long-term sustainability and continuous updating.

The opening phase will be carried out by members of Churches Together in Cornwall working with student and other volunteers.

We are launching the project at the Volunteering Fair at Penryn Campus today.

If you would like to be involved with the project please contact ctcmissioner@gmail.com – all welcome!

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