COVID-19: World Leader of The Salvation Army (General Brian Peddle) Provides An Update


Speaking from his home in London, following the temporary closure of the movement’s international headquarters, General Brian Peddle (World Leader of The Salvation Army) says:

“The prevailing message from International Headquarters is that Salvationists follow advice, observe all the protocols but remain connected to others in need and continue to serve in [Jesus’] name as far as possible.

I am delighted to be leading an Army that understands social distancing but also understands that we do not need to be antisocial.

Each day, I am reading stories of innovation, creativity and I catch glimpses of Salvationists with their sleeves rolled up. Obviously, there is a renewal to the Call to Mission and the emphasis on what it means to be Battle-Ready Now.

I am, by the grace of God, already predisposed to having a heart that wants to respond. It makes me a responder to global and local tragedies – loss of life, economic hardships, food insecurity and injustice. Many of our people and those we serve are already destitute; hanging by a thread, losing hope and afraid. Thank you to every corps and centre who is finding ways to serve and respond.

I have often used the phrase “we are all in this together” but today it seems to take on new meaning. I’m working from my home today – no travel – using the internet to join with you, pray along with you and celebrate that God still comes alongside. God bless The Salvation Army….

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